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Ephesians 5:11 - Take no part in the works of darkness, but instead expose them.

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                                                                                                               Left Video:   This Guy Seems to be Learning AS He Goes

                                                                                                                                       King Nimrod the founder of  Babylonian Mystery Religion (w/the

                                                                                                                Anunnaki)  Nimrod - Honored w/Apollo Mission (his Roman mythology name)

                                                                                                                Shuttle Columbia - Honoring Ishtar (called ISIS in Egypt) or Estar, Easter

                                                                                                                Nimrod Married his own Mother.



            It's undoubtedly true the Mason's worship the Mystery Religions and spread many lies about Christianity, a religion which prevented war. Once, the power structure of the Western-World began to change, war was unleashed on before unimaginable scales. While disregarding the 100+ Christian deaths of the 20th century (worst Martyrdom in 2,000 yrs. of Christianity) we can analyze the American Civil War, where people were astonished to learn 630,000 men were slaughtered in a 5 yr. span.

Listen: The Mason's absolutely hate Christianity. There's nothing about it which they celebrate. 12/25 is the Winter Solstice and celebrated forever by all races. Do you have a day for Christ's B-Day? We understand it's not Jesus' true birthday. Christianity used Christ's to replace all the pasts religious celebrations!

     In Europe, Germanic Neopaganism lit a giant log on fire for twelve days leading-up to the solstice. Therefore, Christianity replaced this w/the 12 days of Christmas. When Jesus Was Alive Their Was No Christian Religion! With true Christ spirituality we're aware of His message and teachings. Nonetheless, they built a religion around Christ to attract many peoples from many lands who spoke many languages; and united them under the Christ.

                Saint Nicholas was a real man who inherited much wealth but didn't want it for himself.... his story appears in Faith and Knowledge to Overcome Chronic Addiction.

                A Cross is a very basic symbol. It's no surprise we discovered this drawing within an Egyptian Pictograph and inside a cave left by primitive humans. Jesus Christ died on a Roman Crucifixion Cross.

                         -  Nevertheless, it was drawn once before. Whereupon although they never knew about this, apparently they're wrong for duplicating this symbol. The Cross never should've been allowed to symbolized the Roman Death penalty never-mind the Christ......I don't think so.

                  Did you know when your writing a letter,  each time you apply the letter O to a word, that really you're using the number 0 (zero)? - come on, this kinda stuff could be said referring to all elements of life and existence..

I have family members who were 33 degree Freemason. Know what they said, "don't ever be a Freemason."

" George Washington would spit on you "

Their Celebrity Pawns,

Al Sharpton appears above:

  -  The front-man for the NAACP ;  an organization commenced by Jews to steal tax money (our earned paychecks) and bring white-Christians down. (whether practicing or merely from Christian heritage).

  -  Furthermore, It's comprised of all Jewish lawyers and has little to do with black people.

  -  Sharpton might realize they care little for his kind. He's simply selling-out to be rich.

Considered the blueprint for the N.W.O. (though, doubtlessly altered beliefs have been implored since). Was issued to all new initiates up until 1970.

     How  to  Expose 

Undesired  Freemasonry

     The Book of Revelation states that "by sorcery the whole world will be fooled", and this has come true. The Masons love using black magic on their opponents, many who aren't Christians, leaving themselves vulnerable to attack.

*For more Info. visit Pg. # 2.4 at: https://

      John F. Kennedy delivering a bold speech to the public, as he mentions elements of society others keep hidden from the public, such as the great-deception of the American media. In addition to the media and secret societies, (mainly freemasonry, but other Kabbalist Jews and the Jesuits were likely on his mind), Kennedy directly took on their primary source of power the Federal Reserve. To combat their Fiat currency (De-Facto money) JFK place 4.3 billion dollars into circulation which was backed by silver. After his death, the silver certificate dollars were discontinued.

     Another man named Abraham Lincoln who was highly involved with these corrupt people, (especially his wife's Todd family)eventually decided to perform a similar action by imploring the Lincoln Dollar into circulation. The Rothschild family & friends bankers were going to charge Lincoln 24% - 36% interest to borrow more funds for the war!  Is it a coincidence both these men were shot in the head??

        Today, neither the public nor our congress are released the interest rates of the Federal Reserve!

     The utter stupidity, obvious false-claims derived from wishful fantasy thinking, and the childish beliefs of the Templar's to the Masons.  - * More on the Knights Templar at the Bottom of this Page.

          Just look at these self-serving uneducated losers. What do they perceive they're truly belong to?

Any descent individual, whether a successful do-it-by-the-book traditionalist, to a recovering drug-addict, to someone fully devoted to seeking nothing but the most voluminous spiritual experience in life, nobody can allow their negativity to occupy any valuable real estate within their mind or within their lives. Don't permit them to remove your ability to pursue your destiny. Glance above upon that freak Rhianna. Should that thing even be existing in the same land as you? Many people are disparate from each other in multiple ways. We should never feel more deserving than another, but she's been infected with pure evil. It's not a psychological problem but a theological problem. As for her personally, she's still young, immature, and will one day contrive this period of her life with disbelief in her intelligence and behavior; as she'll feel a much smarter woman. Nevertheless, she's presently she's possessed by Satan. She's acting unsophisticated, sadistic, and barbaric towards her fellow humans as she successfully plays the role of another Antichrist. Pure and simple - she's evil.

           Pay Attention to this World Just Enough to Be Able to Assist Your Fellow Citizens When Needed. Perhaps, you may bestow truth upon them, referring to an act of Hegelian Dialect. Whereupon, they'll know who to trust, who to believe, and who themselves to help. Nonetheless, all things consider, leave this life behind!                               (Hollywood, television, etcetera) 

Keep the masses fooled.

       Assimilate Kabbalah numerology into sciences such as those

       claims made by NASA. (Earth spins at 1094 mph

The serpent said in the Garden of Eden,

         "you won't die if you eat from the truth of knowledge, instead

          you'll become like God." As the mason's believe, man is a God.

The ends, justify the means...

         They apply doctrine like this to justify WWI and WWII.

Famous women involved in the Theosophy Society:

          Alice Bailey

          Helena Blavatsky (Einstein's favorite author)

President Bush 41 and 43, both of whom are members of the Skull and Bones brotherhood, were sworn-in as President of the U.S. with their right hand located upon on the identical Masonic Bible issued in 1770 as George Washington signed-in with. (also, Harding, Eisenhower, Carter).

Masonry is based on Judaim. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?  

                                  - Jewish Tribune Oct 28 1927

World War I

Wilhelm II was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia, ruling the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from 15 June 1888 to November 1918. He was the eldest grandchild of the British Queen Victoria and related to other monarchs and princes. Therefore, it's believed he endeavored a close relationship with England, all the while she was preparing to go to war with Germany. After Theodor Herzl formed the Zionist Congress in 1897 by the order of Rothschild, (the city of London is Rothschild, England is the Crown) did everything she could to promote war with Germany; further continuing an already goal for over a decade.  

    The Zionist congress who controlled roughly 50% of all German media and heavily relied upon food imports, began a false media campaign against Wilhelm while they halted food imports which caused people to die of starvation. This occurred while Germany was clearly winning the war and the allies (France and Britain) were considering ending the war. I choose the war ending and not surrender, because the Germans amazingly offered peace terms of absolutely No Terms, meaning just pack-up and go home; something France and Britain never would've done.

      The German people began revolution within its borders and the Kaiser was exile to the Netherlands.

After the war had ended a reporter, historian, and author visited the former leader Wlhelm II and shared his beliefs of this war not being commenced by Germany, despite their harsh surrender terms depicted the war as their fault. This man went on to share his concern of the Russian-French alliance being the main cause which was certainly promoted by England. Though, Wilhelm it cited that it was more than merely governments. He stated the main cause of this war, 20 million humans dying, and the current aftermath was primarily a cause of the Freemasons. 

The Hollywood Suckers

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The Anunnaki Gods (Aliens) & Z. Sitchin

        A great multitude of people have become confounded and immensely interested recently in learning about the Anunnaki, Book of Enoch, Greek Mythology, Norse and Hindu Gods. Capturing attention is  the fact which these stories ostensibly revolve around real characters, producing factual historic evidence.

        Nevertheless, most of the claims we hear regarding the Anunnaki have originated from Zecharia Sitchin. This man is a known Freemason and will do anything to get their Luciferian Religion recognized as fact. This doesn't necessarily imply a more advance species from elsewhere in the universe didn't come here (earth), nor does it undividedly disclaim the plausibility of them creating modern mankind. What it does toss in the trash is many of his translations about God and Satan or Enlil and Enki (Zeus & Poseidon).

      Furthermore, there are supposedly tens-of-thousands of tablets untranslated. Yes, many depict city contracts, receipts of purchases, and debts, but we can only imagine what else. Are we to believe these cannot be translated? Perchance, they don't desire the public discovering what's upon them? They're housed in London which's owned by the Rothschild's, therefore, how're we to trust this situation? We simply cannot. Additionally, if Sitchin cannot translate these tablets, why are we to believe he's 100% correct about the rest?


- President Woodrow Wilson supports his fellow Mason's war.

- Each kidnapped nun was assigned to a group of 4 soldiers to supply their sexual needs!

               Slide Show includes 2 Cards from the Illuminati Deck of Cards Game by Steve Jackson toys. He displays the Trade Towers and Pentagon being attacked back in 1995!? Available for download in the V.O. Gallery web page titled Photo Colonnade.


Knowledge  Library  of  Freemasonry

Men were murdered over the release of this literature dictating the first 3 degrees of Masonry released in 1826.

Hollywood Actors are commonly witnessed flashing this 666 signal. Of 'course, to actually see the 666 you must view the hand from the opposite side. Sometimes they'll place the circle (between fore-finger & thumb) over the eye to also include the 3rd-Eye, or All-Seeing Eye.


Right Click whilst airing 

Sell Your Soul to the Devil in Hollywood, to download video to your device.


        In the year 1917 of our Lord, Maximilian Kolbe witness the Freemasons march through St. Peter's Square. This occurred just days before the Bolshevik Revolution when 287 Jews of the Illuminati, Mason's, implemented Communism (Marxism/Zionism) in Russia.  (After seizing power they immediately had approximately 200,000 clergy of the Orthodox Christian church murdered; many by crucifixion. Thereafter, any Christians refusing to abandon Jesus Christ were either sent to the Gulag's to be worked to death or primarily starved to death. The Holodomor is the genocide of 6 million Ukranian's who were trapped within their city as the Russian military surrounded it and the people slowly starved to death. Some of the pictures shown concerning the Jewish Holocaust could really be from this event.).  While marching in Rome they held a banner which read "Hail Satan". Another banner said, "Satan must reign in the Vatican, the Pope will be his slave!" It would only take another 45 yrs. for Vatican II to be implemented.

Right-Click While Playing Videos to Download

     What does this logo represent? 

     Perchance, Eve listening to Satan in the Garden of Eden.

Don't fall for their

Divide-and-Conquer techniques.

Maximillian Kolbe, 1894-1944, calls the Mason's the Bitches to the Jews. (though, without such graphic wording).

   Kolbe died in Auschwitz as he willingly replaced another man condemned to death. He is the Patron Saint of Drug-Addicts, Political Prisoners and Journalists

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The Cabal (a name given to this secret society of evil world leaders) is undoubtedly behind these acts of Hegelian Dialect, otherwise known as False-Flags. They're committing terror on the citizens of the United States of America.

   Examine the 'False-Flags' on the top menu

     Lucifer on the State House grounds of Arkansas. This depiction of satan is known as the Baphomet. It's utterly sickening how this monument indicates their love for pedophilia!

Ordered published by Popes Leo XIII and Pope Pius IX to expose the

mason's plans to destroy the Christian church. More on book below on page.

"The individual is handicapped by a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it to exist.

The American mind has simply not come to the realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.

It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

  Former F.B.I. Director, J. Edgar Hoover

Gain the Ultimate Learning Experience of Our Deceptive Society w/the Impressive Free Book Library on Pg. # 2 Sophistical Society of

         Were George Washington, Ben Franklin and Henry Ford racist and evil for what they declared about the Jewish People?


The Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy is an antisemitic, anti-masonic conspiracy theory involving an alleged secret coalition of Jews and Freemasons. These theories were popular on the far-right, particularly in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Eastern Europe, with similar allegations still being published.  -  Wikipedia

        Pay attention to the World's Leaders handshakes. It's gotten to the point where almost all men in positions of power have submitted their will to become part of this secret society in order to obtain the position which they seek. Technically- they sold their souls to the Devil and have a horrific afterlife of never-ending torture awaiting them after passing-away.

Secret 'Greetings' Handshake of the Freemason's

False Beliefs

Luciferian Doctrine

Above: This book is a storehouse of modern sociology, philosophy, theology, history (partly revised)... or simply read the horrors of the Early Christian Martyrs (includes an article on 20th century martyrdom as well)

       The two-headed Phoenix, however, as the androgynous Freemason symbol of the 32nd and/or 33rd level represents the royal memorial and the messiah (Antichrist) from whom  the salvation of the world depends on, and whose mission, symbolized by the old coat of arms, is also attributed to the Province of Carniola, Slovenia.

      Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius IX together had the Masonic book title Alta Vendita (left) published for all to see the blueprint written to outline the masons plan for the subversion of Vatican City. The ideas within the Alta Vendita deliver instructions to Freemason's for the infiltration and ultimately take-over of Vatican City. This book states the French Revolution as a failed masonic take-over via 'outside the church'  methods and draws a conclusion which declares infiltration as their next method.

      Their goal is clearly to install Satan in the seat of the Pope and this book describes their coming tactics to be implored throughout the 19th-21st centuries. This literature is similar to Morals & Dogma by Albert Pike; also considered a blueprint, though Morals & Dogma focusses on the establishment of a New World Order. of installing a New World Order, and Alta Vendita is strictly an attack on Christ and the Catholic Church.

     Pope Leo XIII authored Humanus Genus in the year 1884 of our Lord. Poe Leo was upset with the constant infiltration (of Vatican City) attacks by Freemasons. Therefore, he wrote this short book to forewarn all of the dangers which he considered arriving at a critical stage in their development.

     Clement XII first Signalized this Danger In 1738. Thereafter, Pope Benedict XII voiced his concerns and renewed Constitution of Benedict XII. Pope Pius VII then Followed them both and Leo XII as well, by establishing the Apostolic Constitution titled Quo Graviora - recapitulating the acts and decrees of the above Pontiffs concerning this matter. This act validated and confirmed forever, the Freemasons would never be allowed in the Catholic faith at any level.

     Likewise, Pope Pius VIII and Gregory XVI were outspoken and took measures to keep the secret society out of St. Peters and all of Vatican City. Nevertheless, it was Pope Pius IX and Leo XIII who faced the greatest onslaught of masonic attacks, including false-witness and black magic. When they had gotten their hands on the writings in the Alta Vendita (right) they took measures to have the secret masonic book published to expose Freemasonry hatred of Christ.

Click pic

Subversion of Vatican City: 

               Only a few traditional (real) Catholic Cardinals and Archbishops remain and their being subjected to attacks including; Bad-Spirits.All the reports of satanic worship ceremonies and pedophilia don't derive from the good Christian men now losing their positions power as the Vatican loses all control of its finances which consist of enormous wealth. The  Freemasons have taken-over control with their LuciferianKabbalahistic religion..

Click to read PDF

[left]     New Heretical Monuments at the Vatican. To the left is a horrific version of Jesus as a demon, and many other 

             Evil Spirits rising out of Hell.

[right]   A Pinecone symbolizing our 3rd Eye and ability to contact evil spirits. (demons). Our Pineal-Gland located in the

            center of our brain appears alike a pinecone under magnification, and this is known as the Mind's Eye, or 3rd-Eye.

New 20 min. documentary from Redeeming Truth Libraries
Pedophilia; Taught, Encouraged, and Commonly Committed.

     The Mayan's and other ancient people's would implore Shaman's to conjure spirits believing these divine figures to be gods. On the contrary, God wouldn't demand child sacrifices and other heretical behaviors. 

     The Freemasons contact these demons to acquire power, wealth, and knowledge; however, these evil entities desire to gain power themselves. They commonly feed off the fear of humans and with enough acquired energy they'll possess the power required to move physical objects.

     One of the most effective ways to fulfill the evil desires of these demons is through pedophilia where the young children are horrified by the sickening torture.


                                This is perhaps the primary reason they attempt portraying them-

                                selves as highly intelligent people. Therefore, hopefully others won't

                                connect them with this sickening most unintelligible of behaviors.

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New from Redeeming Truth Libraries

Demonolgy w/Grimoires

from Antiquity to the Renaissance to the Present

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                Where does the Baphomet

                        (above) originate?

Hebrew word SA’IYR means Goat Demon

    (Hebrew spelling: Shin, Ayin, Yod, Resh)

      This word for Goat Demon is utilized in the Books of Levitivus and 2 Chronicles and is sometimes interpreted as a Satyr.


     Later on, arrives the French translation of Baphomet; possibly a false translation of Muhammad, as it was believed by some the Knights Templar's were corrupted by Islamic beliefs whilst in the Holy Land.

Luciferian Doctrine

      Lady Gaga say, "being Stephanie Gaga this hybrid person", recognizing and referring to the demonic entity (or entities) within her that gives her the ability to perform on stage and hit high notes while singing; aspects of her personal being which lacked these talents prior to signing a contract with her own blood and selling her soul to the devil. form more horrific L. Gaga news visit:

G = Gnosis

The Selling of the Soul, Gnosis, and Men Like Nostradamus

       Imagine selling-out your soul for eternity, to get involved with demonic spirits as Mason's & other secretive cults do? Men act as if they've found the gnosis (knowledge) and feel powerful learning black magic and the conjuring of demons. At the highest levels of the occult, the believe they have the wisdom to control these entities, to use them for their own purpose, and properly discard of them if harm comes their way.

                 Behind the Masonic Symbols: The Square and Compasses | Freemasonry

                                                                       This is the meaning behind  the word gnosis - it refers to written magic rituals   
                                                                         recorded as specific instructions to summon a demon and to force a demon
                                                                         to perform a desire task. By this action, the magician and the demon are bound 
                                                                         to the ritual and disloyalty can lead to dire consequences. This knowledge, or
                                                                         gnosis, can now easily be obtained online by downloading ancient and       
                                                                         medieval books containing demonic magic rituals, like a text by Renaissance
                                                                         man, Cornelius Agrippa.
                                                                         Ancient to Modern Grimoire's at:

      They praise men like Nostradamus, because his prophecies were given to him by a demon. Nostradamus published 10 books, all with 100 prophetic future predictions, and only a couple sound slightly similar to events which already occurred but after his life. The demons were obviously lying to him, and this is their typical behavior with all. Upon, Nostradamus' death, with his soul clearly marked-up for his calling, his demons returned, for he will be their slave to torture and hand-over to Satan for eternity.

        Nostradamus may be praised because he was anti-Catholic, a Freemason, and an occultist; but this man is not a winner. No, he's a complete loser who was mislead for years and now suffers in pain with probably no more than 5 seconds to be within his own mind, his own thoughts, before further pain is bestowed upon him. 


Bishop William Richardson...

          _lost his position for speaking the truth, but was reinstated by Pope Benedict. More lately, he became an enemy of Pope Francis, because Richardson is one of 4leadersod the far-right Society of Saint Pius X. The  S.S.P.X. has roughly 600,000 members and rejects the modernization of Roman Catholic worship and doctrine.

"No gas chambers in Holocaust:"

Cardinal Burke "Fatima coming true"

Archbishop Vigano, in hiding since 2010

             Father Mareno (Buffalo) killed 2012

Stories from 3 Traditionalist's fighting Masonic forces within the Church. Far-Right video mentions an additional 2 Priests who were murdered for speaking-out.

Church Militant Report on the Santa Alleanza Security Forces.
Click to enlarge.   *This photo also seen in video on Archbishop Vigano (top-right)

David Icke Speaks

The Founding of America, the Illuminati, Bonneville, Napoleon, and Payne,

     Niccoli Bonneville, unlike decoded in the picture to the left certainly wasn't Jewish - more explained below [*].  was perchance the most important member of the illuminati in France during the late 18th early 19th century. He was also probably the most influential Frenchman involved in the founding of America. 

     Bonneville commenced the group known as the Social Circle which specialized in altering the public's belief systems. One aspect of the Social Circle Schematics; changing the meaning of words over-time to confuse or alter people's thinking. e.g. A 'square', once considered to be a well-rounded and stable individual became an outcast or oddball. In a famous letter, Nicolas de Bonneville demanded freedom of the press, the abolition of Catholic worship, and the communal ownership of land. . In his book "The Spirit of Religions", published in 1791, he sought to resolve the issue of social happiness by describing a universal religion which would have philosophers and scholars for priests. He was also friend and disciple to the occultist, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

      Napoleon gained his original power as a Freemason, but when he assumed total rule over all of France, he began outlawing Illuminati groups throughout the nation. Napoleon is famous for operating warfare against the nations utilizing money-loans from Lord Rothschild's (Great-Grandson seen in background-picture below) Bank of England. Thomas Jefferson, another mason who opposed the debt-based national banking system took advantage of this opportunity as he funded Napoleon $5,000,000 (five-million) for his European war in exchange for all French Territory within America, later known as the Louisiana Purchase.

       Although, Napoleon fought directly against the Bank of England, who funded Adam Weisupt to commence the Illuminati, and its attempt to install the first world government (later est. as the U.N.), we must additionally recognize it was only natural for him to eliminate any threats to his crown and these threats included secret societies. Thomas Payne, a close friend of Bonneville, was breifly imprisoned by Napoleon.

Bonneville and Payne in America,

"Retiring for some time to Évreux in 1800, Thomas Paine, who had lived with him and his wife since 1797, helped with the burden of translating the "Covenant Sea". The advent of Napoleon plunged him into trouble again when he hid the royalist, Antoine Joseph Barruel-Beauvert, at his home, and employed him as a proofreader. Beauvert had been proscribed following the coup of 18 Fructidor (4 September 1797). Bonneville's generous act, earning him a portrayal by Charles Nodier as "a frequent host of all the unfortunate of all parties", aroused the suspicions of authorities.

       He was later jailed for comparing Napoleon Bonaparte to Oliver Cromwell, in The Well Informed of 19 Brumaire Year VIII (November 1800), and, although he was freed quickly enough, he found his presses had been confiscated. Ruined, he took refuge with his father in Évreux, and he remained under police surveillance. In 1802, Tom Paine left for the United States with Bonneville's wife, Marguerite Brazier (1767–1846), who was a disciple of Bonneville's associate, the radical feminist, Etta Palm d'Aelders, and Brazier's three sons, Benjamin, Louis, and Thomas, of whom Paine was godfather. They settled in New Rochelle, New York on Paine's farm. In his will, Paine left the bulk of his estate to Marguerite who had cared for him until he died in 1809. The inheritance included one hundred acres (40.5 ha) of his New Rochelle farm where they had been living, so she could maintain and educate her sons.

       The fall of Napoleon in 1814 finally allowed Bonneville to rejoin his wife in New Rochelle, where he remained for four years before returning to Paris. There, he earned a living by opening a bookshop in the Latin Quarter. During the latter years of his life, he fell into misery and madness, naturally taking a more pessimistic view on the possibilities for the happiness of mankind. His funeral expenses were paid for by Charles Nodier, Victor Hugo, and Alfred de Vigny. His son, Benjamin Bonneville, undertook a career in the U.S. Army in which he retired as a brigadier general; his life was immortalized by Washington Irving's "Adventures of Captain Bonneville."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ➖ Wikipedia

In his writing The Suppression of the Jesuits, Stephen Heiner writes,

      "The transformation of Freemasonry from being originally a Christian association of believers into a body of men resolutely opposed to the ancient faith of Europe was chiefly effected by the men who concluded that human intelligence was infallible, that revelation was no longer needed, that only uninhibited human inquiry and research were necessary for human happiness.

        Anderson’s Constitutions, the main rules by which Scottish Rite Masonry developed, clearly state the purposes of Masonry: “We being only as Masons…we are also of all Nations, Tongues, Kindreds, and Languages, and are resolved against All Politicks, as what never yet conduc’d to the welfare of the Lodge nor ever will” (Fahey 87). Fr. Edward Cahill adds:

          '__But the soul and spirit of the old Catholic constitutions were so fundamentally altered that in their new form they ceased to be Christian or even Theistic. God and Christ, to whom the old Catholic Masons promised service and loyalty, were replaced by the vague and intangible being who is called “The Grand Architect of the Universe.For the old Catholic charge made to the working-mason, “Be true to God and Holy Church and use no error or heresy,” Anderson substituted a rule which implies naturalism and religious indifference. According to this rule the Freemasons were obliged only to follow the religion in which all men agree, leaving the particular opinion to themselves, that is to be good men and true, or men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever denominations or persuasions they may be distinguished…'

Founding Fathers, Jewish or Not?

        The Illuminati was founded in 1776, the same year as the United States of America. Naturally, this All-Jewish sect of Freemasonry (Illuminati) had just begun assimilating more of their belief system upon other masons. A well-known Freemason named Benjamin Franklin wrote, "The Jews are a danger to the land and they should not be allowed to enter. They will imperil its institutions. They should be excluded by the Constitution."

    George Washington also spoke of the growing Jewish danger, but he subjected to Hamilton's will and allowed their banking system to be established in America. There are many additional cases where the founding fathers opposed Jewish belief and truly fought for the rights of ALL men, whether coming from the Peasant or Noble class. Therefore, what happened?

       Firstly, opposing the Monarch and the Church left government open to be ruled by the banks. Nonetheless, many early masons supported an honest system without being of debt-based Jewish design; their will just wasn't accomplished. Secondly, and most importantly, they replaced God with Philosophy. This act assisted in the inspiration of the scientific revolution while simultaneously bringing back an old-way of thinking; out-dated morals and judgement. The more they eliminated God, the more Satan utilized his Russian-heritage Jews, (called Askenazi) who were and are, truly occultists and followers of the Talmud and Kabbalah; which claasifies them as true Sons of Satan.

       The Jesuits, who the Catholic Church implored to fight against the Reformation, were eventually banished by the church because they too became infected in deep occultism. This group also had huge effects on Freemasonry and the founding of America, though it can be onerous to research their behavior and/or compare it to their present-day behavior because they true have alter their ways and belief systems throughout their history as with it was with Vatican City, they've been both enemies and deep followers of Masonry. Nevertheless, almost all the corruption of falsified Jesuit beliefs are influence by occultism or strictly beliefs and behaviors learned from the Jews.                                  ➖  Shaun Prario

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Malachi Martin documents that a Black Mass was held in St Paul’s Cathedral in 1963. During this heinous affair, several cardinals “installed Lucifer to his appropriate place” in the Vatican, as “head of the church.”

Martin claims that a good deal of the child molestation occurring now is actually Satanic worship. Part of the Luciferian rites of many of the priests, nuns, and hierarchy. He further declares that many who engage in this kind of “worship” are indeed secret Masons.

Alberto Rivera, while a Jesuit says, he knew of, a Black Mass in the Vatican. With the Jesuits. Martin himself did not attend the Black Mass. He later resigned the Jesuits - around 1972. He was “Laicized” so that he could write books on the corruptions he had seen in the Vatican.

        Many of the traditionalist (true Catholic/Christian) clergy of Vatican City and beyond, who've spoken-out against Pope Francis and his Cardinal supporters, declaring them heretical, (sometimes going as far as declaring them masonic followers of Lucifer), have had bad (evil) spirits attached to them. This implies a demonic haunting induced by black magic on behalf of Pope Francis or more-likely his Cardinal followers.

*Photo shows Mason's marching through St. Peter's Square

10 Craziest 'conspiracy theories' about the Illuminati


          This video mentions, among other events, the Watergate scandal. What's surprising and devious concerning this event is the involvement of the C.I.A. While the F.B.I. operates within the U.S. borders, it's illegal for the C.I.A. to engage in operations within the United States. Nevertheless, they were involved in the video-recording of the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. Another mentioning in this video is Disney; and yes, it's well-known that Walt Disney was a dedicated Freemason Satanist.

          Finally, we'll contemplate the covering of the J.F.K. assassination also mentioned in this video. It's true, his assassination could've been in response to the cabal's desire to invade Cuba; not to mention, their desire to commence warfare in Vietnam. After saying NO to secret intelligence officers over their plan titled Operation Northwood, Kennedy then publicly exposed the plot. Operation Northwoods outlined a plan to shoot-down an American airliner traveling in or near Cuban airspace with a missile followed by blaming this act on the Cuban military to justify an American invasion of Cuba. Sound familiar - 9/11? Nonetheless, it was the public calling-out of mainstream media sources and the Federal Reserve which truly caused his assassination. Kennedy placed 5 million dollars backed by silver into circulation to combat the Federal Reserve whose money is backed by nothing. Prior to the 'Fed' all currency was backed by silver or gold but they issued fiat money which is basically a DeFacto currency. (numbers written on paper or stored in computers).

       Secret Societies are clearly not clubs of social gatherings such as the V.F.W; American Legion and forthwith. A primary rule of the Masonic Lodges has always been the concealment of its atrocities , rules, and beliefs. But what exactly are they protecting?

        The Statue of Liberty (Roman Goddess - Lady Liberte) holds a torch signalling the protectors of enlightened knowledge who'll see it forever remains. Besides, who's the Light-Bearer? Lucifer. This pre-Christian knowledge is steeped in Occultism and corrupt Kabbalistic beliefs from ancient Babylon, including Demonic Conjuring. FACT: More Jews lived in Babylon during the time of Christ, than lived within Judaea.

Relational Material: Also see Maximilian Kolbe below in the Vatican City section.

Pope Encyclicals: Written Responses to Halt Masonic Infiltration

        Although, not appearing in readable format, this depiction of the encyclical authored by Pope Clement VII, to the left, targets the unwanted  and growing presence of Freemasons within the walls of Vatican City.

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Enthronement of Lucifer  14:53

Masonic War Against Catholicism in Mexico, Early 1900's.   30:53

Astana, Kazakhstan • The New Masonic Capitol of the World

Top Leaders of Global Freemasonry


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Our Politicians Flashing the Devil Horns.

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Apocalyptic Warning
Why Are They Constructing the World's Masonic Capital in Astana, Kazakhstan?

       95+% of the world's Jewish community, including the nation of Israel are Ashkenazim Jews; meaning the originate from the Khazarian Empire. Sephardic Jews with possible ties to the Holy Land make-up just a few percent and are treated like 2nd class citizens in Israel. A return to Khazakhstan makes more sense than a return to Judaea so that's what's occurring with the Masonic Capital.

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               William Huntington Russell & Alphonso Taft (father of President Taft) were the founders of the Skull & Bones aka The Brotherhood of Death secret society. This society's recruitment center headquarters is located on the grounds of the University of Yale in Connecticut, USA. The initial endeavor of this group was to assist England under the rule of Queen Elizabeth and David Sasoons who married into the Rothschild family, with the transporting of illegal Opium from India into the nation of China.

               The Chinese King was furious with the British Empire. He responded with stern resisting to their trafficking operation. Consequently, the British sought-out a powerful and trustworthy ally, and who better than your own groomed men from the world's fasting growing power. Thereupon, Skull & Bones was commenced. It's firmly believed by many that Skull & Bones and the C.I.A. work closely together in illegal international drug smuggling.  After the Taliban took control over most regions of the nation of Afghanistan they destroyed all the opium crop they could located and fiercely prohibited all citizens from engaging in the cultivating of opium farms.

               In response to the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration, whose family are well-known members of Skull & Bones, told the American people that some homeless (yet rich) Islamic radical whose abode was inside the cave-system of one the worlds most desolate and uncivilized countries was responsible for the attacks.Naturally, if we proceed to follow the money-trail left behind in connection with 9/11 another scenario emerges. Nevertheless, the invasion of Afghanistan made Skull & Bones and the C.IA once again far-and-away the world's leader in the production and distribution of opium/heroin.

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      It's no coincidence that since 9/11 numerous 'terrorist-attacks' have occurred on March22 matching the numeral representation for this secret society.

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Member of Ivy League Secret Society Speaks-Out

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            "Following WW2, the film's writer, Jean-Marie Rivière, was imprisoned. Its producer, Robert Muzard, and director, Paul Riche (the pseudonym of Jean Mamy), were EXECUTED (+1949) for their part in the production of this film. "Occult Forces" was the last film Riche directed before his unjust execution."

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          The Knights Templar's were formed in 1118 A.D. while in Jerusalem. They became extremely wealthy on their return to England. Hereafter, they stood as the only Professional Army in the land since the Roman Empire had forces in England. 

          It was in 1307 when the King of France had the Templar's rounded-up and arrested by soldiers of King Philip I V; ultimately for execution. Of 'course, some managed to escape and hide; nevertheless, this was to be the end of this powerful and wealthy order.  First, hundreds, if not thousands, of members were imprisoned and brutally tortured. Many were tortured until they confessed to various horrible crimes. These false confessions included Homosexuality, Heresy, and Fraud.

          We Must Remember,

    this version of the Knights Templar's history has been given to us by modern Freemason's. The Freemason's and their other Secret Society allies control our media, school-books and told history.  We truly have no idea how much of what we're being told, if any at all, is the Truth. 

                                          - S. Prario

"And thus the warfare against the powers of evil that crushed the Order of the Temple goes steadily on, and Freedom marches ever onward toward the conquest of the world." 
- Albert Pike, most venerated Mason in America (former Confederate General & KKK member)
Film: 5:49
"Masonry will eventually rule the world." - Paul Fisher, author of Behind the Lodge Door
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